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Re: [IPk] Scuba diving with the pump

> Does anyone on the list have experience of scuba diving attitudes,
> training or the activity itself while on insulin, injected or
> pumped?  I would appreciate any advice or accounts.

Hi Mary,
My 19yo daughter & pumper has advanced SCUBA certification and I've 
been diving with her many times. Diving is contra-indicated for 
people on diabetes as it is for pilots and a few other high risk 
activities. That said, with care you can do it -- obviously, my 
daughter does. First read:


on Diabetes and Diving.

You will find a variety of attitudes among instructors. Some won't 
deal with you at all, like our NAUI (National Association of 
Underwater Instructors) in the US. While others like PADI require 
only a doctors certification that you are fit. 

There are a number of precautions you must take. You don't want bg's 
to be either too high or low. On the low side you obviously risk and 
underwater hypo which could easily be fatal. If you are too high, you 
can't regulate your body temperature (in contact with water) 
adequately and you will chill even in relatively warm tropical waters 
WITH a wet suit (Hawaii). Your dive buddy, dive master and other 
divers with you should be aware that you are diabetic and may need 
assistance. You and your buddy + others if possible, should carry 
glucose gel at all times. It is easily used in the water and a good 
backup. If you have specific questions, I'd be happy to answer. I am 
a former dive instructor and went through my daughter's training with 
her as a check diver. My then 16yo son took the classes at the same 
time as well.

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