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Re: [IPk] Scuba diving with the pump

Hi Mary

A good number of  years ago I went on a BSAC diver training course, which I 
thoroughly enjoyed.

BSAC changed the rules a couple of years before I underwent my training and 
they do allow people with diabetes to go diving. Although there was some 
uncertainty when I first joined the Club they were more than happy to take 
me on when they had checked out the rules themselves.

The medical is pretty tough and the main concern seems to be or at least it 
was then is hypos and recognizing the symptoms whilst diving - as it 
potentially puts yourself and your dive buddy at risk. During the sessions 
I was testing before, during (in the breaks) and after, this was all 
pre-pump, and I didn't have any real problems.

It has been several years since my last dive, so I am not sure what the 
latest information is but it would be fore contact BSAC HQ or one of the 
local clubs.

The other organisation is PADDY, it would be worth checking with them to 
see what they have say but I know in the UK they used to no to people with 
diabetes - they may have changed.

I know elsewhere in the world there was always a mixed response from PADDY 
schools, some would, some wouldn't.

I did thoroughly enjoy diving, although I didn't do many open water dives 
due to overseas work commitments - I ought to take it up again.

I wish you all the best and let us know how you get on.

Kind regards


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>Hi all,
>I've recently been looking into scuba diving training.  It's something I've
>always wanted to do as a keen swimmer / water sports fan, but I was put off
>in my twenties because the "you're on insulin, it's dangerous" attitude
>prevailed.  Since those days I seem to have made several non-diabetic friends
>who happen to be keen divers, and I gather that although there is resistance
>to insulin users diving this is not universal.  I've had no major hypos since
>starting the pump in Nov 2000 and last HbA1c would count as "good control".
>Does anyone on the list have experience of scuba diving attitudes, training
>or the activity itself while on insulin, injected or pumped?  I would
>appreciate any advice or accounts.
>IDDM 30 yrs+, 508 2+ yrs and never felt better!  (But if I ever ask for the
>same on mountaineering, you can call in the guys in white coats...:-) )
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