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[IPk] Scuba diving with the pump

Hi all,

I've recently been looking into scuba diving training.  It's something I've 
always wanted to do as a keen swimmer / water sports fan, but I was put off 
in my twenties because the "you're on insulin, it's dangerous" attitude 
prevailed.  Since those days I seem to have made several non-diabetic friends 
who happen to be keen divers, and I gather that although there is resistance 
to insulin users diving this is not universal.  I've had no major hypos since 
starting the pump in Nov 2000 and last HbA1c would count as "good control".

Does anyone on the list have experience of scuba diving attitudes, training 
or the activity itself while on insulin, injected or pumped?  I would 
appreciate any advice or accounts.

IDDM 30 yrs+, 508 2+ yrs and never felt better!  (But if I ever ask for the 
same on mountaineering, you can call in the guys in white coats...:-) )
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