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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #398 Re. glargine and hypos

Hi Jackie

I have had diabetes since the age of 12 over 35years!!  For some time in
more recent years I was on insulatard as a basal component, first daily last
thing at night and then bd am and last thing at night.  This worked better
for me in reducing problems with night hypos as I found i needed a much
smaller dose at night.  However, although I didn't wake high mornings were
always difficult in trying to keep blood sugars down after breakfast when
they invariably soared. Larger doses of humalog boluses at breakfast often
caused a sudden drop to low after being high. I thought it was just me, no
one ever mentioned it being a common problem. I started glargine about six
months ago.  I found I still had hypos at night when I gave it at night if I
had a large enough dose to cover between meal boluses.  I then started
taking it in the morning as soon as I wake and it is much better and the
post breakfast highs are much reduced.  Overall  for me I find it does not
have enough flexibility  of cover as I work shifts, exercise at different
times, some days I am rushing about all day and another I might be at a
study session sat on my bum, which does nothing good for my blood sugars. I
also find late afternoon I need a little boost of insulin to prevent blood
sugars rising (not related to food). I can't plan my activity exactly for
the next 24 hours so find the constant level difficult.  I think insulatard
bd probably gave me better flexible control but glargine at the right dose
is easier on the hypos and my blood sugar doesn't plummet they way it could
on insulatard.  Because of this I am going for a pump and it is quite
exciting after all these years of accepting my diabetes and just getting on
with it to be looking forward to something new!!

Has anyone any experience of the 'Paradigm' as this is the one I am
interested in as it is small and compact and can use a remote?

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