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RE: [IPk] To Jos (glargine and Hypos)


 I am hoping to be able to try Lantus for Sasha in the summer hols and see how
it goes. Many users do
report a peak between four to six hours but not a pronouced peak like NPH.

Mum of Sasha aged 8 dx 1999, twin sister Rebecca, both coeliac 2001
Mum also to Danni and Nicola, wife to Terry

> I'm interested in your concerns about Lantus for your child. I think it would
> be a lot simpler than you expect. For example, as lantus doesn't have a peak
> like insulatard, the risk of a hypo during the night is very low. Also, as it
> lasts much longer than insulatard, you could give it in the morning if you
> wanted to, but there is no need. It lasts around 22 hrs so when you take it
 > hardly matters. Switching to lantus is easy, and it now has a European
> for anyone over 6. The only downside is that because it has no peak, it won't
 > cover a meal, so you have to either continue with a mix in the morning, or
> child has to inject him or herself at lunch. Even so, for prevention of
> night-time hypos, it is a winner. In fact, the studies are strong on this and
> weak on any improvement in HbA1c, but I think the quality of life improvement
> is worth it.
> Regards to all
> Tony O'Sullivan
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