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[IPk] Re: Pump or new insulin


I do not believe that the pump is necessarily superior.

My basal rate on the pump varied from 0.6 at midnight to 1.3u at 6am, set 
correctly to cover the dawn phenomenon raising my BG's in the early hours.  
This worked well, and I could go to sleep with a BG at 7mmol, and wake with 
a BG of 6mmol.

I now take 24 units of Lantus at night (smaller than the 36u Insulatard I 
used to take pre-pump) and I am able to achieve satisfactory BG's when I 
wake - 'satisfactory' meaning btween 4 - 9mmol, so how can this be 

I accept that the pump gives more options/convenience in terms of 
spontaneuos decision to play sport or eat more -  I somethimes take seven 
injections a day now to cover snacks or ongoing meals - I try to inject 
after meals when I can work out CHO and therefore insulin, and this was 
easier on the pump.

I have a varying basal need and Lantus works well for me.


IDDM 10yrs,
MDI (Insulatard/Novorapid or Humalog or Actrapid) 1995 - Feb 2002
Disetronic Pump (Humalog) - Feb 2002 - April 2003
Lantus/Novorpaid - April 2003 -

From: "Abigail King" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IPk] Pump or New Insulin

I'm sorry but the DSN does not understand pumping
Yes the long acting basal insulin has been a godsend to some people and
think it's preferable to insulatard, but any person with reasonable
understanding can see why a pump is superior. With the long acting
you've effectively got one basal rate for the entire 24 hours, so if you
have a tenderncy to hypo at one particular part of the day then tough.
you can't reduce it once it's inside you if you suddenly want to go for
ong walk etc. You are certainly not being treated in the same way as a

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