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[IPk] Re: basal cover on glargine/ humalog


I think it is true that Glargine does not run the full course of 24 hours 
(and Aventis Marketing team may have seen how conveniently 24hrs fits into 
people's day).  It lasts around 20 - 222 hrs for me and given that I take it 
at 10pm, I can compensate with extra Novorapid around dinner time.  I was 
not instructed or advised to make this bolus compensation and the Maths is 
not difficult as I work it out tthrough feeling and past results.

Regards Dawn Phenomenon: my pump dose reflected my having increased insulin 
need at dawn (from 0.6 units to 1.3u) ans this worked well to keep my BG's 
around 6mmol in the morning.  The pump also made me obsessed about my BG, 
and I would sometimes take up to 15 blood tests a day, taking minor doses of 
humalog to correct.

Although being back on injections is a slighly less predictable method, my 
overall control feels marginally better than on the pump.  My blood sugar 
varies between 6 and 9 in the morning - at the moment, I take a sensible 
seven tests a day, work out my Novorapid dose in relation to my carbs, and 
this works well.

As I have said, it will be interesting to see what my HbA1c is in two 
months, although I am sceptical of this as a qulaity of life indicator since 
it rose from 7.4 to 9 when I changed onto a pump, despite my BG readings 
improving greatly.

What I am trying to say is that although Lantus/Novorapid MDI has it 
drawbacks - injecting again, less ability to fine fine fine tune, snacks 
still needed during/after exercise, and Lantus is definitely not  a panacea 
that some make out, I think about my diabetes less of the time and feel 
better than I did on the pump.  No matter how hard I tried to forget about 
the pump for a few hours I could not - it was always attached to me (when 
taken off I was always thinking about when I had to put it back on) and like 
a Tamogachi, it needed constant attention.



RE: [IPk] basal cover on glargine/ humalog

Hi all -

Does anyone have experience of glargine lasting 24 hours? I was on
ultralente/Zn when I was on injections, and it was supposed to last
In practice, it started running out in 18 hours. Perhaps the 'running
doesn't happen with glargine because it is a smoother curve.

My tuppence worth on glargine is that yes, it will help some people, but
it dosn't mimic the pump (other people have covered the basal rate
and a lot of people are going to have trouble with medics who say 'this
insulin does x, your high BGs/low BGs aren't the fault of your insulin'.
perhaps education is getting better and this sort of attitude will be
frequent, but it's difficult to get anyone to give up their holy grail
fantasy, and I think that's what glargine is for many medics. Melissa is
absolutely correct: diabetes management is an art of applying science.

BTW, I had a basal/bolus regime on injections - it's not something new
came along with glargine. I was on five or more shots a day - more
I'm an incurable snacker!


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