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Re: [IPk] strip rationing again - v. late response!

Yes, this is very true
But some people vvould deny that you need to, or should modify insulin or
diet. One consultant a fe years ago had a letter from a GP asking : does
this patient on insulin need to test 4 times per day?. He replied that the
patient is quite reasonable to do this in order to reassure himself. Very
patronsing argument really. Implies that diabetes is easy to control and you
you have to do is go to clinic every 6 months and take the dose they tell
you to. No point made about excercise or driving or chzanging shift patterns

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> Sorry to be so behind with my reading of the list.
> Surely the important factor is that it is pointless testing *UNLESS*
> going to modify your treatment/diet/activity?
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