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RE: [IPk] strip rationing again - v. late response!

Sorry to be so behind with my reading of the list.

Surely the important factor is that it is pointless testing *UNLESS* you're
going to modify your treatment/diet/activity?  Just noting down 3 or 6
months data of bg readings is less than useful *EXCEPT* to point out a

Until DM clinics, doctors and DSNs start explaining this to patients and
realizing this for themselves, this cyclical controversy will continue.

As many of us know to our costs, we had to fight to get our
consultants/docs/DSNs or whoever to listen to us when we said that a good
HbA1C does not necessarily mean good BG control.  It only gives an average
and a skewed average at that, so that there can be many hidden hypos and
hypers within this period.

Rhoda  (Gritting her teeth and trying not to think never mind say  *********

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thanks for this
as already discussed there has been debate about the usefulness of frequent
despite the intensive group in the DCCT testing 4x or more per day. It has
been argued that testing was not important in achieving better results: it
was the insulin regimen and more attention to diet etc ie " compliance"
Whhaaatt, so they could have titrated insulin according to A1c  I don't
think so
There has been a recent publication with meta anlaysis suggesting that
testing ( and sometimes not all that frequently) offers little advantages
over not testing or testing infrequently. ( perhaps participants were on an
inapropriate regime or not educated on how to act on results)
So this is an example of complete abandonment of any common sense and
evidence based medicine gone mad. . But unfortunatley in the interests of
saving money some people would take tis on face value rather than thinking
it through. I'm sure that the problem is compounded by abolition of health
authorities and PCTs inheriting huge debts and paying pompous officious
little idiots to cut down on expenditure


) had letters from
> DUK and two leading experts that they had contacted on my
> behalf, pointing out what a complete idiot he was and a
> danger to his patients (more tactfully put). >
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