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Re: [IPk] How Long for Cannula's


I tend to swap around the 3 - 4 day mark. I normally get through one 
cartridge of insulin per week, so tend to change about half way through ie 
150ml mark.

On the odd occasion I have gone longer, typically 5 or 6 days without any 
adverse affects. but I don't tend to do this often.

Kind regards


>  Can anyone tell me how long they tend to leave their cannulas in for? I 
> use the
>Disetronic Tender and normally change them every Sunday and Thursday. 
>However, I
>find that, even prior to change, my bm's are still fine. They go up a little
>after change, but I know to expect this and am not concerned by it. Does 
>leave cannulas in for longer than the suggested period?
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