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Re: [IPk] How Long for Cannula's

In a message dated 5/6/2003 9:36:08 PM GMT Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I routinely leave mine in for 6 days, occasionally 7 or 8, and occasionally 
> 4 or 5 depending on BGLs or dislodging. 6 is my "norm". 

Hi Tori,

We "crossed in the e-mail", but I agree with Dave - expense might be an 
important factor right now, but what about scar tissue / absorption problems 

Guess I'm being a bit hypocritical in that I leave mine in for more than the 
recommended 2-3 days, but after some initial hiccups (while I tested my 
body!) things seem to be OK with 3-4 days, few absorption problems now.  
However, I suppose that if you've been using the pump for years, rotate your 
sites well and don't seem to be having any trouble with absorption or local 
reactions, then why not?

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