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Re: [IPk] How Long for Cannula's

Hi Julian

I routinely leave mine in for 6 days, occasionally 7 or 8, and occasionally 
4 or 5 depending on BGLs or dislodging. 6 is my "norm". Haven't had any 
problems with it at all. Part of the reason I do that is because in 
Australia, although the cost of the pump is automatically covered if you 
have private health insurance and have had it for 12mths or more (in 
addition to our public system), consumables are at your own cost completely.


At 05:03 AM 7/05/2003, you wrote:
>  Can anyone tell me how long they tend to leave their cannulas in for? I 
> use the
>Disetronic Tender and normally change them every Sunday and Thursday. 
>However, I
>find that, even prior to change, my bm's are still fine. They go up a little
>after change, but I know to expect this and am not concerned by it. Does 
>leave cannulas in for longer than the suggested period?

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