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Re: [IPk] To Jos (glargine and Hypos)

Hello Jackie,

I'm interested in your concerns about Lantus for your child. I think it would
be a lot simpler than you expect. For example, as lantus doesn't have a peak
like insulatard, the risk of a hypo during the night is very low. Also, as it
lasts much longer than insulatard, you could give it in the morning if you
wanted to, but there is no need. It lasts around 22 hrs so when you take it
hardly matters. Switching to lantus is easy, and it now has a European licence
for anyone over 6. The only downside is that because it has no peak, it won't
cover a meal, so you have to either continue with a mix in the morning, or the
child has to inject him or herself at lunch. Even so, for prevention of
night-time hypos, it is a winner. In fact, the studies are strong on this and
weak on any improvement in HbA1c, but I think the quality of life improvement
is worth it.

Regards to all

Tony O'Sullivan
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