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[IPk] To Jos (glargine and Hypos)

 Just wondering about what you have said. This last few days I have had to
reduce Sasha's evening
 Insulatard each night because she has been so active in the last half of the
day. Skateboarding and
 inline skating most of the day. This seems to work well as if I don't reduce
the evening Insulatard we
 do get serious lows later and Sasha doesn't wake when she is low and never has
done. Tomorrow we go to
 the D clinic and I was going to ask about Glargine, now I am wondering if this
would not work out well
 for Sasha. As you said, once you have given it you cant take it out again. I
suppose you could inject
 glargine twice a day as some people do. Its easy enough in the day to give
Sasha extra food if she is
 active, but there's not much you can do if the BG levels are falling through
the night due to an active
 day except keep giving her drink or food in the night. She wont always eat a
bigger supper snack and
rarely eats much protien.

 This is really where a pump would work very well. But as you know our
Consultant wont hear of if for
Sasha, even for a trial!!
 I will have to investigate how people manage a twice a day Lantus regimen. I
suppose if Sasha had her
 Lantus in the AM it would be wearing off toward the middle of the night to
early morning and that is the
danger time for us.

I have forgotten when you said Emily has her Lantus injection?

Jackie mum of Sasha aged 9 in 5 days,

> Maybe the difference is that we are warned to be careful
> about hypos as well as high BG's these days. Although I
> know 'dead-in-bed', brain damage and coma are very rare I
> can't help worrying about it, particularly since Emily has
> stopped waking with low BG's at night and we are still
> discover unexpected lows when we test at night. I know
> Emily wouldn't wake with an alarm clock to test herself and
> it seems a lot to ask of other parents. When Emily was in
> hospital over night recently the nurse had 4 attempts at a
> blood test before it worked! We couldn't even reduce her
> insulin really as the only active insulin at that time is
> the Glargine and it would have to be reduced for days
> before. I think we will have to rely on feeding her up well
> before bedtime if she really wants to sleep over sometime
> soon.
> Would a pump help avoid these night time hypos?  I am
> beginning to suspect the main cause is exercise during the
> day and I assume we would be able to reduce the basal rate
> overnight if she has had more exercise during the day
> (unlike the Glargine).
> Bws,
> Jos
> --
> Mum to Emily aged 10, dx Oct '99
> Novorapid x 3 or 4, Glargine x 1,
> Robert aged 12 dx Mar '03
> Novomix 30 x 2 (+ Novorapid when hungry!),
> and Matthew aged 7.
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