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Re: [IPk] How to use Polyskins?

In a message dated 5/5/2003 8:47:50 AM GMT Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> I've been having some difficulties keeping my Qick Set attached and a
> week ago or so, somebody told us about using Polyskins to keep injection
> sets attached during warm wheatear and baths. My questions is how do you
> use it? Do you attach Polyskin to your body and set on top or do you put
> Polyskin on top of set? 


Put the Polyskin (or similar dressing) onto clean, dry skin first, then put 
the set on top (including adhesive dressings etc) in the usual way.  The 
Polyskins (and other dressings) seem to adhere better to skin than the sets 
and their dressings, and the set adhesives seem to stick better to Polyskin 
than to skin in some circumstances.  Personally the only problems I've had 
with set adhesion have been in hotter (and more humid) climes than the UK, 
when the sets just slide off :-( .  I look forward to testing this out again 
in a couple of weeks! :-)

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