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Re: [IPk] Re: Help or advice before I totally crack up!

On getting kids to measure their bgs .... I think it was here that
someone said:
always use the word 'measure', not 'test' - it's a more posive word.
never talk about 'good' and 'bad' results - just 'in range' and 'out of

Lows should never, I think, be discussed at the time they occur (or for
15 mins afterwards - on the basis if a human isn't safe to drive, they
aren't safe to manage their diabetes).

Best wishes to all,

(dm 30+, 508 2+, who personally, finds 'BMs' (meaning Boehriger
Mannerhiems, not Blood glucose Measurements' a coy euphemism which
indicates the healthcare professional in question is not to be relied
upon for any information above the level of the location of the coffee

In message <email @ redacted>, Michael
<email @ redacted> writes
>> In a message dated 04/05/2003 11:43:26 GMT Daylight Time,
>> email @ redacted writes:
>> > Perhaps teaching Danielle to test for herself and realize what is a good
>> > level and not, Michael's excellent suggestion about getting her a mobile
>> > phone to contact you re boluses, would help her grow into the necessary
>> > responsibility Danielle will have to develop as a DMer.  I know she's 
>> > young,
>> > but often youngsters surprise us by how well they respond to 
>> > responsibility.
>> > 
>> > 
>> Hello Rhoda
>> Danielle is nearly 9.  She only tests her blood when I shout her and
>> ask her to do one. Perhaps I should take some time out and sit with
>> her and try to work out what she can do to help me more.  It will be
>> a bit of a challenge, but I'll do something.  Thanks for the advice.
>Work on tying bg testing to what she eats. If she wants a treat make 
>sure she understands that the treat is fine, but she must test her 
>bg's and have some insulin to go with it. It will sink in quickly 
>that she is the one in control when this concept is fully understood. 
>Regular "parent" talk will get you nowhere :-)    It still does not 
>work for me and my pumping daughter will soon be 20.
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Pat Reynolds
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     "I have now got a pesitilent doctorate thesis to explore, 
      when I would rather be doing something less useful ..."

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