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Re: [IPk] Daphne

Hi Rob,

The best time to do your evening long acting insulin ('basal') injection
is the time when its peak co-incides with when you need a peak.  And
that differs from person to person.

There are online web resources, such as AIDA, which give you guidance as
to when the insulin peaks.

When do you go high?  When do you go low?  That should show you whether
you need to inject earlier, or later, or whether the time is right, but
the dosage is wrong.  Or it may be the wrong insulin ....  

Best wishes,

(dm 30+, 508 2+, believes the only rule about when to inject is that it
lies  at precisely the time when it is least convenient - be that
driving home from work, cooking supper or bathing the children ....)

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> Does anyone here use the daphne way of injecting if so can you please tell me
>at what time you find the best to do your evening cloudy insulin injection
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