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Re: [IPk] strip rationing again

In message <001401c30fd5$bf96fd20$email @ redacted>, Abigail King
<email @ redacted> writes
>Whhaaatt, so they could have titrated insulin according to A1c  I don't
>think so
Hi Abigail,

If the patient correctly reports all hypos, and is very complient to a
diet (i.e. same amount of cho, in same proportion to calories, at same
times of day), the HbA1C could be used to calculate insulin doses....

It's us people who insist on menstruating, playing sport irregularly,
and other stuff that upsets the basal needs, and people who don't
'comply' to diet, but breakfast on baked beans on toast one day, and
grapefruit the next who need the strips!  (Why, that's virtually all of
us ... now, all we need is more education so that we can plump for the
toast or the grapefruit and learn to stick with it, and I'm sure that we
can stop menstruating if we really want to ....)

Best wishes,

(who tried to survey 63 buildings in Suffolk in 3 days.  I apologise if
any of you were behind me as I drove erratically!  And wasn't it
gorgeous weather yesterday?)
Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted 

     "I have now got a pesitilent doctorate thesis to explore, 
      when I would rather be doing something less useful ..."

                (JRR Tolkien Letter 176)
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