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Re: [IPk] Re: Help or advice before I totalling crack up

On 5 May 2003 at 18:04, Tori wrote:

> You MUST allow these kids freedom to make stupid
> mistakes that could have been avoided, and ask them, don't
> tell them, if they understand why X happened, and what the
> consequences are. Teach them to be truly independent by
> being truly educated and comfortable about their diabetes.
> It's a tall order, I know... but I bet it will make both you
> and your baby more relaxed with letting go...

Hi Tori,

I completely agree with what you say about it being their 
body and their choice. Any change in treatment has always 
been their choice. I almost didn't suggest MDI to Emily 
because I didn't think she would like more injections, but 
as it turned out she prefers the idea of more, smaller 
injections to fewer, larger injections. Even now, if she 
needs an extra large bolus for something like a MacDonalds, 
she will split the injection into two rather than inject 
20+ units in one go. It works out quite well with 
MacDonalds meals because she does the second one after she 
eats and this seems to work better than a single injection 
at the beginning. I think the fat and the ice cream and 
milk in the shake must delay the effect on her BG.

Re. letting them make their own mistakes. To help me here I 
try and remember that we have probably made the same 
mistakes ourselves and they have survived that! It's good 
to hear from adults who have been there, done that, and 
seen it from the other side though so thanks for getting on 
your soap box!

Mum to Emily aged 10, dx Oct '99
Novorapid x 3 or 4, Glargine x 1, 
Robert aged 12 dx Mar '03 
Novomix 30 x 2 (+ Novorapid when hungry!), 
and Matthew aged 7.
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