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RE: [IPk] Help or advice before I totally crack up

On 4 May 2003 at 11:47, Smith, Beverley wrote:

> Absolutely I didn't mean to imply that we shouldn't worry
> about our children but that sometimes the more you know the
> more you worry!!  

That's OK, I didn't take it that way :-)  They were just 
the thoughts that crossed my mind when I read you message 
and the others on a similar theme.

> I was 11 when I was diagnosed and could
> therefore manage (or mismanage) it myself from the start. 
> My parents never really got involved.  You are right the
> risks of DKA with a pump are greater than with MDI and care
> does need to be taken.  I guess I just wanted to point out
> that all children need to go on trips and stay over with
> friends and that a few days bad control (so long as its not
> dangerous and I do take your point here with DKA) should be
> accepted as part of growing up and developing.

Yes, I suspect the damage caused by missing out when young 
may well result in even worse control latter when the child 
does have full control. If they blame diabetes for 
restrictions now, they may want to ignore their condition 
and make up for lost time in their teenage years. A few 
days and nights of higher than ideal blood sugars now is 
preferable to possibly years of high BG's latter if that is 
how it works. 

>  - All this from the mother who still holds her son's hand
>  to
> cross the road at nearly 8 (much to his embarrassment).  I
> really should practice what I preach!!

Well, they I don't have adequate depth perception to judge 
the speed of approaching vehicles until they are around 
10/11, that's my excuse anyway!!!

Mum to Emily aged 10, dx Oct '99
Novorapid x 3 or 4, Glargine x 1, 
Robert aged 12 dx Mar '03 
Novomix 30 x 2 (+ Novorapid when hungry!), 
and Matthew aged 7.
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