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[IPk] Re: Help or advice before I totally crack up!

In a message dated 04/05/2003 11:43:26 GMT Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> Perhaps teaching Danielle to test for herself and realize what is a good
> level and not, Michael's excellent suggestion about getting her a mobile
> phone to contact you re boluses, would help her grow into the necessary
> responsibility Danielle will have to develop as a DMer.  I know she's 
> young,
> but often youngsters surprise us by how well they respond to 
> responsibility.

Hello Rhoda

Danielle is nearly 9.  She only tests her blood when I shout her and ask her 
to do one. Perhaps I should take some time out and sit with her and try to 
work out what she can do to help me more.  It will be a bit of a challenge, 
but I'll do something.  Thanks for the advice.

Mum to Danielle, nearly 9, dx Aug 2001, pumping since Nov 2002
Mum diabetic too
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