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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #394

In a message dated 04/05/2003 11:43:26 GMT Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> Relax a little. As she gets older, these experiences will give her 
> the knowledge and confidence she needs to take care of herself. Sure 
> it's not great, but without her pump, she could not have gone at all. 
> Or, if she had she would not have enjoyed being "normal". In another 
> year or two Danielle will be testing and bolusing without your help 
> for the simple stuff. Might I suggest you get her a cell phone. Then 
> she can call and ask about bg's and bolus needs. Been there, done 
> that with my daughter :-)

Thanks Michael.  The cell phone is a great idea but she does have one, it's 
just that we live in an area where we are lucky to get a signal sometimes.  I 
should appreciate it that she can have more freedom with the pump and eat at 
times that suit.  I just wish the parents would be more responsible.  I don't 
think they tried hard enough for me and I am upset about that.  They have 
been OK in the past but this time I don't know why they acted in this way.

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