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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #393 'Today's Dilemma'

Hi all,

Interesting reminiscences.  I don't remember having many hypos at school in
the late 60's!  After initial diagnosis with BS of over 1000mg (is that
around 60mmols?!)  Setttled down into routine of injections, carb counting
for meals and snacks etc. Probably ran higher blood sugars after meals, but
maybe not as the effect of the insulin lasted longer. Checks were the old
clinitest which always seemed to be negative when I checked. Certainly
didn't do them when I went to stay with people etc.  The thought of doing
urine tests were the most embarassing part for me and other poeple having to
know about that!! I had glucose sweets in my pencil case etc. I have a
feeling I was probably low every day before lunch so missed vital points due
to inability to concentrate and absorb what was going on in that last

It was a shock when I started nursing and found that education about
diabetes for staff was minimal, strength of insulins, technique for doing
glucose and ketone tests in urine and injections and the acceptance that
diabetes complications were the norm, poor circulation, amputation,
blindness, nephropathy etc. and the patient was often regarded as the guilty
party to all this as it was believed that if they ate the same quantities
each day and had the prescribed amount of insulin every thing would be fine!
Luckily I did not practice what was commonly the right way to manage
diabetes.  I led a full and erratic existance and although initially I
recognise now I must have had a honeymoon period of producing some insulin
for a while, I quickly manipulated carbohydrate intake, restricted quantity
and adjusted insulin and managed well. I never ate huge amounts of carbs in
one go but did eat anything eg. some chocolate Easter Egg etc.  It's strange
how now diet ideas have changed and recognition that all carbs sugar or
starch lead to blood sugar rising and just need appropriate insulin cover
and the type 1 can eat anything albeit that a healthy diet inclusive of
fruit and veg minimal animal fat etc is best for everyone.

IDDM 36yrs humalog and glargine injections, awaiting pump.
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