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RE: [IPk] Help or advice before I totally crack up


Isn't Danielle around 8 or 9?  Do you not think you could start training
*her* to test herself?  She's going to have to learn this anyway and I know
other kids her age who not only test but also inject themselves (okay, the
latter, with supervision).

Danielle was being so "normal" around her peers at the party she just ate
all the snacks/ (I'm reluctant to call it "food") her over-degreed nurse
mother provided.

Denial hits in to most of us at one time or another and with both Danielle
(understandable) and the birthday girl's mother (not so understandable) gave
you a mega stress experience.

Perhaps teaching Danielle to test for herself and realize what is a good
level and not, Michael's excellent suggestion about getting her a mobile
phone to contact you re boluses, would help her grow into the necessary
responsibility Danielle will have to develop as a DMer.  I know she's young,
but often youngsters surprise us by how well they respond to responsibility.

The problem with being a parent, never mind one of a young DMer, is that we
can't protect them from everything.  I cringe to think what I put my parents

All the best.  Hope you managed to get some sleep.  This was a one-off and
maybe when you're distressed a bit, you and Danielle can discuss this coolly
and help her to realize that while you can do everything you can to help,
and you will I know, Barbara, Danielle has to learn to make some hard
choices even at her young age.  After all children with other diseases e.g.
kidney disease, have to do this all the time too.

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