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Re: [IPk] Help or advice before I totally crack up

> where they were.  I was mortified.  I tested Danielle's blood again
> and she was 15.7 so I said I was going home and asked if she would
> like to come with me.  She wanted to stay the night of course, but
> now I am worried damn well sick.  I will not sleep tonight.  I
> literally feel sick. She's not going there again.
Relax a little. As she gets older, these experiences will give her 
the knowledge and confidence she needs to take care of herself. Sure 
it's not great, but without her pump, she could not have gone at all. 
Or, if she had she would not have enjoyed being "normal". In another 
year or two Danielle will be testing and bolusing without your help 
for the simple stuff. Might I suggest you get her a cell phone. Then 
she can call and ask about bg's and bolus needs. Been there, done 
that with my daughter :-)

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