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[IPk] Help or advice before I totally crack up

Hello everyone

I know I seem to appear with problems a lot lately, but I am at my wit's end 
now without a doubt.  Danielle was invited to her friend's sleepover birthday 
party tonight which started off at the cinema with popcorn and marshmallows 
and other sweets in abundance and then went onto Frankie & Benny's Pizza 
Parlour, back to the girl's house, sweets and doughnuts in the bedroom and 
you can guess the rest! Well, the mother is a highly-trained executive in 
nursing and has degrees coming out of her ears.  

Pre-pump she has been great and understood what was required to control her 
diabetes after I sat with her for a good while and explained everything. In 
fact, I was quite shocked that a fully qualified nurse with degrees in 
alsorts knew very little about the diabetes but thought she knew everything.  
She got up in the night to check Danielle as well.  Now, it's different.  I 
took Danielle to the venue and told the mum that she needs a bolus after 
everything she eats but I need to tell them how much which was a problem 
because the lady's mobile was switched off during the cinema showing so 
straight after the film had finished, I rang and was told that Danielle was 
27.4. I went straight to Frankie & Benny's and helped her bolus 3 units to 
see how it went.  She ate pizza and ice cream (with even more marshmallows) 
and 2 hours later, she was 27.3.  I helped her bolus another 3 units and 
tested her 1 hour later and she was 22.2.  OK, it was working now.  I went to 
the house where she was sleeping (by this time, I was totally shattered,  
having had not much sleep the night before and then hanging around Frankie & 
Benny's and the cinema all afternoon and getting home at 7 pm.  After all the 
training I had given the mum, she turned to me and said "Do you want me to 
test Danielle's blood while she is here?"  I then asked her if she had still 
got some sugar-free cordial and she said she hadn't.  I came home again to 
get some and when I got back, I was asked "Do you want me to test her blood 
while she is here?"  Well, I ask you!  There were 8 staying in one bedroom 
and all arguing, 3 boys in the other bedroom, 4 older girls in the other 
bedroom and mum and dad were downstairs entertaining at least 10 adults who 
said that the children were not allowed in the lounge where they were.  I was 
mortified.  I tested Danielle's blood again and she was 15.7 so I said I was 
going home and asked if she would like to come with me.  She wanted to stay 
the night of course, but now I am worried damn well sick.  I will not sleep 
tonight.  I literally feel sick. She's not going there again.

Mum to Danielle, nearly 9, dx Aug 2001
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