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[IPk] Re: Lesley's Story

In a message dated 03/05/2003 19:40:22 GMT Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> Further to my earlier email, my perception was that the kids were quite
> unfazed by seeing me in a hypo, but seeing a teacher dealing with my hypo 
> had
> no end of repercussions...

Hello Lesley

Everything you said brings back memories of when I was at school.  I was told 
to go to the front of the queue and this was not taken lightly by some of the 
bullies! Like you, I would probably have been very high anyway because of 
always guessing from how we felt, how high or low we were.  Perhaps taking 
extra glucose just in case, instead of knowing for sure.  Things have moved 
on so much now haven't they?

What I meant about Danielle's friends seeing her differently if they ever see 
her low, is the actual fit where her body will be in spasms and she will be 
dribbling etc.  I hope it never gets to this stage and that they listen to 
her and give her glucose in time as soon as she points it out.  The other day 
at school, they sent her to find the teacher who keeps the blood test meter 
and she couldn't find her way around the school because everywhere was 
spinning.  When I got to her she was less than 1.9 and could have fitted in 
front of everyone at any minute.

Mum to Danielle, nearly 9
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