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RE: [IPk] RE: Today's Dilemma

Hi Gail

Yes there are a lot of people around who know so little about diabetes that
they know too much!!  I'm trying to remember who is was, when I told them
diabetes was diagnosed when I was 2, shook their head and with a knowing
smile, said "Too many sweets, then?".  Unfortunately my blood sugar levels
rose as my blood boiled!

Oh, and then there was the time I felt like I was back at school, when a
nursing colleague "reported" me to Sister for eating crisps in my coffee
break!!  I could forgive the untrained nursing assistant, but the Sister
actually followed it up by calling me into her office.  She now knows a little
more about diabetes than she did...

Best wishes


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hi lesley, sounds like u had a tough time at school! i was lucky and the
only time i was really embarrased was in a cookery lesson at secondry school
 the teacher didnt know i was diabetic and was teaching us about healthy
eating, this was in about 1988. she told the whole class thet alot of little
children were becoming diabetic from drinking too many sugary drinks like
blackcurrent,if she knew that then why didnt she tell the top docs, as they
still are not sure what causes type 1 but its certainly not drinking too
much blackcurrent.i was diagnosed at 6 and had never drunk a sugary drink in
my life, but i was sure all the other kids believed it the teachers always
right of course   lol

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