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Re: [IPk] RE: Today's Dilemma

I agree. Charlie has hypoed and fitted in front of his class and teachers on
a number of occasions. The kids are great, hugely supportive - but it really
shocks the adults and brings them 'to heel'. When Charlie was very young,
about 4 or 5, the school nurse said it was very important that he should
never have to ask to eat/drink etc so he has always had dextrose etc in his
desk, sports hall, swimming pool, music school and in his pocket. I was
always a bit worried he might treat them like sweets and eat them whenever
he chose, but he has not done this.
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> Further to my earlier email, my perception was that the kids were quite
> unfazed by seeing me in a hypo, but seeing a teacher dealing with my hypo
> no end of repercussions...
> Lesley
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> From: Jackie Jacombs [SMTP:email @ redacted]
>  It might scare the other children initially, but I think they will be
> accepting
> of this if the worse
>  happened. Kids are more worried and afraid that something that happens to
> someone else could happen to
>  them, but as it would be explained that it was because Danielle has to
> insulin they would be
>  reassured and have an explanation. I am sure that Danielle would be very
> upset
> if it did happen, but it
>  would probably not be as bad as she thinks. When I was 10 one of my
> who
> lived nearby, who was
>  18 months younger than me had epilepsy and children didn't treat her any
> different because of it. She
> did have fits at school from time to time.
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