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Re: [IPk] Re: Today's Dilemma

On Thursday 01 May 2003 9:12 pm, email @ redacted wrote:
> They have to put their pencil cases on
> their desk each morning and the book they are currently working with but no
> school bags are allowed in the classroom otherwise I would tell her to keep
> some in there.

Can you fit any dextrose tabs in the pencil case you're already using? I split
one pack (just run my thumbnail round the pack, halfway down). It's amazing
what you can fit the resulting half-pack into: make-up bags, BG meter
pouches, those little pockets in your jeans, all sorts of things - I'm sure
they'd take up very little space in a pencil case. Plus, they're very
discreet to eat: just put them in your mouth and they sort of dissolve, in my

Hope that helps,

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