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RE: [IPk] Re: Today's Dilemma


 Sasha keeps her meter and some glucose tablets in an old plastic lunch box on
her desk. So if she needs
 to test she just does it, or if she move classroom she just takes it with her.
Well in theory anyway.
 Her biscuits and coke are kept in the classroom cupboard. It's not normally
locked. When Sasha goes
 swimming (they have a small outdoor pool at the school) she takes one of those
waterproof things with
 the glucose tablets in, you can buy them in Superdrug, for putting money in, to
take to the beach or
 swimming. You can usually find things like that around on the Holiday Items
stand. You know like small
 plastic bottles, waterproof money belts and travel wash etc. They are a bit big
to wear round your neck
 all the time but useful to take out on the sports field and leave by the pool.
All the "food" lunch
 boxes are kept outside the classroom. Sasha has decorated her "Diabetes Kit"
box with a big labels and
 stickers. It says clearly in large letters Sasha's DIABETES KIT. its never got
mixed up so far.

 When you said about the singing teacher asking if Danielle needed to eat all
her snack now reminded me of
 what happened earlier this week. Sasha and Beckie play the clarinet, the
lessons are switched to a
 different time each week so they don't miss the same lessons. This week her
lesson ran over the time she
 should have her snack. You cant really chew a GF chocolate wafer bar AND play a
clarinet!!! So when she
 got back to the classroom she felt weird so ate her snack then but because the
snack was late and was
 chocolate she went very low and had to have glucose tablets and spent half the
morning feeling crap!!
 I had already warned her that she should eat the snack first but she either
forgot, or didn't want to
 gobble it down while no one else was eating. She is also not so hot at telling
the time and working out
how to plan things out!!!!   The school expects the kids to do an awful lot.


> Thanks for replying Di.  They have a 12-can pack of small cokes, irn bru,
> sprite etc in the classroom and another pack in the staff room.  She had
> moved classrooms for the science lesson and that is why it wasn't available.
> I have tried to get her to be able to have some near her desk but they aren't
> even allowed their book bags (thin school bags) near their desks never mind
> anything else.  They have to put their pencil cases on their desk each
> morning and the book they are currently working with but no school bags are
> allowed in the classroom otherwise I would tell her to keep some in there.  I
> think I might have to get her a giant pencil case that she can put a small
> can in and explain to the teacher that she can open the can whenever she
> feels low without any explanation.  You see, she told me she is embarrassed
> to put her hand up and say "I feel low" because the whole class look around
> at her.  I know what she means, I have been there myself.  You just wish it
> would go away but you know it won't so you have to force yourself to
> interrupt the lesson.  Danielle's teacher is very strict.  She was given a
> snack before the Easter hols and they practised the Easter service at church.
>  Danielle took her snack with her and the teacher asked her if it was really
> necessary to eat all of it while they were practising the singing!  God help
> us!  They obviously don't know they are born do they?
> Barbara
> Mum to Danielle aged 8, dx Aug 2001, on a pump since Nov 2002
> D myself
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