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RE: [IPk] Re: Today's Dilemma

I hated eating in class too, especially when I was in a science lab! I
always carried a packet of fruit pastels in my pencil case as it was easier,
though slower than a sugary drink. Most of my teachers were pretty
understanding when they saw me munching, and it was probably a lot easier as
I was older and independently doing my own blood tests. I think one of the
funniest moments was going hypo shortly after I was diagnosed in a history
lesson. As I wasn't too sure which teachers knew about my diabetes and that
I might need to eat in lessons (it had been discussed at a staff meeting so
apparently they all did I later found out...) I put up my hand and asked if
I could eat a few of my glucose tabs. Cue big fuss!!! I was practically
forced to move away from the window as I was sitting in the sun and the
teacher thought that my have triggered my hypo! Of course by that point I
was bright red...

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Hi Barbara
I know what you mean - I was always embarrassed to eat glucose tabs or
whatever in the classroom too. Could she keep a pack of glucose tabs in her
pencil case instead of a can of drink?
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> Thanks for replying Di.  They have a 12-can pack of small cokes, irn bru,
> sprite etc in the classroom and another pack in the staff room.  She had
> moved classrooms for the science lesson and that is why it wasn't
> I have tried to get her to be able to have some near her desk but they
> even allowed their book bags (thin school bags) near their desks never
> anything else.  They have to put their pencil cases on their desk each
> morning and the book they are currently working with but no school bags
> allowed in the classroom otherwise I would tell her to keep some in there.
> think I might have to get her a giant pencil case that she can put a small
> can in and explain to the teacher that she can open the can whenever she
> feels low without any explanation.  You see, she told me she is
> to put her hand up and say "I feel low" because the whole class look
> at her.  I know what she means, I have been there myself.  You just wish
> would go away but you know it won't so you have to force yourself to
> interrupt the lesson.  Danielle's teacher is very strict.  She was given a
> snack before the Easter hols and they practised the Easter service at
>  Danielle took her snack with her and the teacher asked her if it was
> necessary to eat all of it while they were practising the singing!  God
> us!  They obviously don't know they are born do they?
> Barbara
> Mum to Danielle aged 8, dx Aug 2001, on a pump since Nov 2002
> D myself
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