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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #391

In a message dated 01/05/2003 20:57:41 GMT Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> hi barbara, poor dannielle,i was diagnosed with type 1 in 1981 at the age of
> 6 at that time u had to test your bg with a urine sample,and i never did
> them at school.i always knew when my sugars were low  and do now, the only
> time i lost these symtoms was after the births of my 3 little boys.
> at school i used to carry glucose tablets in a purse around my neck and 
> took
> some if i felt "funny" surely this would be a better idea , also lucazade
> works much faster than coke, i carry a plastic bottle of it everywhere,
> couldnt dannielle either have the tablets or lucazade with her in class at
> all times, maybe u could also teach danielle to test her own sugar,i
> injected myself from the age of 7 and tested my urine.
> it must make her feel very drained and weak after going so low.
> best wishes, gail(iddm 22 years, proud mum of 3 healthy boys).

Hello Gail

Wow, I went through the same as you.  I was diagnosed at 10 and am now 39.  I 
know exactly what you mean.  I think your idea of having glucose tablets in 
something around her neck is a fantastic idea.  Thanks very much.  I will 
look for something that I can keep them in.  Thanks again.

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