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[IPk] RE: Today's Dilemma


I meant to add this to my other mail.

 It might scare the other children initially, but I think they will be accepting
of this if the worse
 happened. Kids are more worried and afraid that something that happens to
someone else could happen to
 them, but as it would be explained that it was because Danielle has to take
insulin they would be
 reassured and have an explanation. I am sure that Danielle would be very upset
if it did happen, but it
 would probably not be as bad as she thinks. When I was 10 one of my friends who
lived nearby, who was
 18 months younger than me had epilepsy and children didn't treat her any
different because of it. She
did have fits at school from time to time.


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Hello Jackie

 Well what worries me is that if she has a fit in front of the pupils at school,
then they won't look at
 her in the same way again. It will frighten the children and it will be a
massive embarrassment for
 Danielle. I explained this to the Head and she said that she will not let it
get to that stage. What
 you said about the teacher for next year and explaining it all again, I know
exactly what you mean. They
 usually say they know of someone with it or that they were at University with
someone who had it and they
make out they understand it fully.

 I feel sorry for you that you are in a predicament about the pump. Would you
like me to ask our pump
nurse for advice?  She seems to know everyone and is a wealth of information.

Speak to you soon.

Mum to Danielle aged 8, dx Aug 2001, on a pump since Nov 2002
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