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Re: [IPk] Today's Dilemma

hi barbara, poor dannielle,i was diagnosed with type 1 in 1981 at the age of
6 at that time u had to test your bg with a urine sample,and i never did
them at school.i always knew when my sugars were low  and do now, the only
time i lost these symtoms was after the births of my 3 little boys.
at school i used to carry glucose tablets in a purse around my neck and took
some if i felt "funny" surely this would be a better idea , also lucazade
works much faster than coke, i carry a plastic bottle of it everywhere,
couldnt dannielle either have the tablets or lucazade with her in class at
all times, maybe u could also teach danielle to test her own sugar,i
injected myself from the age of 7 and tested my urine.
it must make her feel very drained and weak after going so low.
best wishes, gail(iddm 22 years, proud mum of 3 healthy boys).

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Hello everyone

The school ring me at lunchtime each day if Danielle's BG is below 3.7 or
above 12.0 mmols. Today's call was "Hello, oh just a minute" (talking to
someone else in the office) and then "Hello, sorry about that. Right,
Danielle is 1.9. What would you like me to do?" I said "1.9! Don't leave her

on her own. Quickly get some coke or one of her other cans into her and I
will come up to her right away." I got to the school and the teacher who had

phoned me was in reception. She said "Danielle's this way, in here" I went
to her and she was flopped with her head pointing down and all her hair on
the floor with her small drink can tipped to one side. I lifted her head up
and began to feed her what was left in the can and asked the teacher to get
me another one. After about 5 or 10 minutes I checked her blood again and
she had gone up to 6.9 so as soon as she wasn't feeling wobbly, I guided her

to the hall for her lunch. The Head came to me to see what had happened so
the teacher began to explain that Danielle didn't have her usual class
teacher today and told him that she felt low, so he asked her to go and find

Mrs -------- to help you. The place was spinning and she couldn't find her
so she went back to her class! Apparently, it wasn't far off lunchtime so
she stuck it out and then told the teacher who does the BG that she was low
earlier but couldn't find her.

The Head then said to me that she now realizes that somebody will have to go

with Danielle in case she collapses but I then explained that somebody needs

to go to Danielle so she doesn't use up the last bit of glucose that is
keeping her going. They are now going to ask a friend to find the teacher
who does the BG and she will go to the classroom to check her. I have
explained that Danielle shouldn't be waiting around for a blood test because

when she says she feels low, because when she says it, she is always right.
She has never ever got it wrong yet, although I know it can be confused with

a high in some people.

The Head came to me tonight to explain that it has shook them up and
them of some of the things they might have forgotten.

Mum to Danielle aged 8, dx Aug 2001, on a pump since Nov 2002
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