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[IPk] RE: Today's Dilemma

Hi Barbara

 What a terrible thing to happen! It makes you wonder if they take any notice at
all of what you tell
 them. I have had similar happen to me with Sasha, last year. I guess unless
they actually SEE someone
having a really bad hypo they just don't "get it".
 I hope the school has learnt it's lesson. Its coming up to that time when we
have to start thinking
 about the teacher they will get next year. I hope we get one as good as the
teacher we have this year.

 I really dread going in each time to explain to the teachers. It seems to take
so long to explain and I
dont think they take everything in.

Then I get really worried that something like this will happen.

 We have Sasha's appointment on Tuesday. I am stuck now with what to do about
the pump as there are now
 no hospitals near me that have any children on a pump Oxford wont take us now
as Julie Edge the
 consultant who was going to see us is off ill for a long time and our
consultant still refuses to let us
try one.

I don't even know if they have prescribed any of our children Lantus yet.

I hope you and Danielle are OK now.


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Hello everyone

 The school ring me at lunchtime each day if Danielle's BG is below 3.7 or above
12.0 mmols. Today's call
 was "Hello, oh just a minute" (talking to someone else in the office) and then
"Hello, sorry about that.
 Right, Danielle is 1.9. What would you like me to do?" I said "1.9! Don't leave
her on her own. Quickly
 get some coke or one of her other cans into her and I will come up to her right
away." I got to the
 school and the teacher who had phoned me was in reception. She said "Danielle's
this way, in here" I
 went to her and she was flopped with her head pointing down and all her hair on
the floor with her small
 drink can tipped to one side. I lifted her head up and began to feed her what
was left in the can and
 asked the teacher to get me another one. After about 5 or 10 minutes I checked
her blood again and she
 had gone up to 6.9 so as soon as she wasn't feeling wobbly, I guided her to the
hall for her lunch. The
 Head came to me to see what had happened so the teacher began to explain that
Danielle didn't have her
 usual class teacher today and told him that she felt low, so he asked her to go
and find Mrs -------- to
 help you. The place was spinning and she couldn't find her so she went back to
her class! Apparently,
 it wasn't far off lunchtime so she stuck it out and then told the teacher who
does the BG that she was
low earlier but couldn't find her.

 The Head then said to me that she now realizes that somebody will have to go
with Danielle in case she
 collapses but I then explained that somebody needs to go to Danielle so she
doesn't use up the last bit
 of glucose that is keeping her going. They are now going to ask a friend to
find the teacher who does
 the BG and she will go to the classroom to check her. I have explained that
Danielle shouldn't be waiting
 around for a blood test because when she says she feels low, because when she
says it, she is always
 right. She has never ever got it wrong yet, although I know it can be confused
with a high in some

 The Head came to me tonight to explain that it has shook them up and reminded
them of some of the things
they might have forgotten.

Mum to Danielle aged 8, dx Aug 2001, on a pump since Nov 2002
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