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[IPk] Re pregnancy

Just a bit more to my mail...I tested BG's regularly before pregnancy, but 
after I found out I was pregnant (at about 8 weeks) I became what can only be 
termed obsessive! I tested every couple of hours and did not let my BG rise 
above 8. I wrote every test result down (I test a lot now but do have a 
problem with writing all the results down)! I even tested during the night. 
It was like I had been taken over with the need to do this. I was sooo 
protective of that life inside of me. The c/s was only done as the area in 
which I live had a standard policy of c/s for type 1's at that time. After 
all this testing and perfect control and HBA1 of 6.0, plus praise from the 
diabetologist and my own GP, frequent scans (weekly after 20 weeks), never 
missing an appt, etc., I was annoyed after the planned section to be told by 
my health visitor the reason given by the consultant (they have to give a 
valid reson for a c/s) was 'increasing glycosuria and deteriorating dibetic 
Hopefully things have moved into the 21st century now!
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