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Re: [IPk] one injection per day

Hello Jackie

Glad you have sorted the test out.  Danielle's nurse said that it is less 
daunting for the children if they can have it done at home.  They don't like 
the children to feel scared of visiting the clinic and they have a play nurse 
there who draws with them and makes things while they are waiting to be 
called.  They have computer games as well.  Danielle's nurse said they like 
the clinic to be as relaxed as possible.  I can understand this because I was 
diabetic as a child and I hated going to the clinic.  I hated the smell of 
the surgical spirit and the blood tests.  They used to prick our thumbs with 
either a blade or something similar to an insulin syringe needle but it was 
the thicker ones at least 12.7mm long and sometimes longer.  They would wipe 
my thumb and then stab.  It used to bleed for ages afterwards.  I used to ask 
my mum not to take me because I wasn't well.  

I can honestly say that Danielle has never had a fear about visiting her 
doctor.  She thinks the nurse is very funny and the doctor is cute!  I wish I 
had thought that about mine.

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