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Re: [IPk] one injection per day


We have sorted that out with the clinic now.  Well, at least I hope so.  It
was not until I talked to others that I realised that it was different at our
clinic.  I mean what is the point of discussing and A1c of 6 months ago when
you can be talking of  the one that has just gone.  When we got the D nurse to
come and give us a talk we asked about it.  She said that apparently it was
done differently before and somehow they stopped doing this.  So now we are to
pick up a labelled bottle, do the test at home and bring it in a week before
the clinic.  I just can't think why they didn't do this before.  When we were
leaving to had to remind the other nurse to give us one of these tubes and she
was a bit snappy about it.  I would have thought it saved time at the clinic
if everybody has done their own test before hand.


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> > > Danielle's diabetes nurse has given me the kit to do it at home myself
and I
> can drop it off an week before clinic.  It is very simple and Danielle just
> has her finger pricker on the lowest number on the dial and you don't really
> have to collect much blood.  The nurse used to come and take it a week
> but then she left me the kit.  You should ask about this because your child
> may prefer you to do it.
> Barbara
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