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Re: [IPk] one injection per day

In a message dated 30/05/2002 22:09:24 GMT Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> We got our D nurse to come out and give us a talk on the clinic and she  
> asked
> if there were any changes we thought would help.  Hopefully we are going to 
> be
> able to do the HbA1c blood tests a week or so before the clinic visit so 
> that
> when you get your appointment you are discussing THAT recent A1c and not 
> the
> one from six months ago.  At the moment they only do the A1c went you are 
> at
> the clinic.  Which to me is stupid.

Danielle's diabetes nurse has given me the kit to do it at home myself and I 
can drop it off an week before clinic.  It is very simple and Danielle just 
has her finger pricker on the lowest number on the dial and you don't really 
have to collect much blood.  The nurse used to come and take it a week before 
but then she left me the kit.  You should ask about this because your child 
may prefer you to do it.

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