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Re: [IPk] Novorapid anyone?

Hi Abigail Is novorapide the only other buffered?/nonbuffered insulin apart 
from humalog? I was wondering if it would be worth asking to try it. When I 
have quoted time action charts previously my consultant only remarks on the 
innaccuracy of the charts he wasn;t even keen to let me try humalog so I 
need a source of evidence to try novorapide let me know how you get on 

>From: "Abigail King" <email @ redacted>
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IPk] Novorapid anyone?
>Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 10:32:37 -0700
>After reading last weeks BMJ re humalog precipitating in cannulas, I've 
>an appointment to change over to novorapid (not quite sure whether my
>fluctuations are due to anything as easily rectifiable as this, or due to 
>crazy metabolism, but worth giving it a go, I think)
>Has anyone who has changed over noticed any obvious difference in timing of
>action, needing to bolus earlier etc? I've seen a graph and, comparing
>novorapid and humalog, the overall time of action is equal but novorapid 
>peak slightly later and for longer, but no where near as delayed as 
>velosulin etc.
>I'd be interested to know if this would make any practical difference
>Also, has anyone had an improvement in control after changing?
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