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[IPk] lack of doctors etc

Hi Pat...
Well, I did go to my GP's on Wednesday. Our GP's practice is very good and 
have always gone out of their way to help with any problems, push through 
appts etc. for the whole family (various problems). Anyhow, he was really 
good and listened to all I had to say. He agreed with me on all counts and 
said he would refer me to the next hospital from here, where there is a 
consultant who can look at my case and decide what to do from there on. He 
thinks, but only thinks, that this guy has had a patient on a pump before 
now, so it may be that he can deal with all my questions. If not, he says 
this guy can then refer me to another hospital, like Manchester if needs be 
to be assessed. :-))
Incidently, while I was there I mentioned some other problems I had been 
having lately. I have Chronic fatigue Syndrome (but I have been sceptical 
about this...symptoms match a mixed connective tissue disorder or lupus, but 
in absence of a blood test showing weakened immune system the cons wouldn't 
dx this),fybromyalgia, Ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel, reflux and am on 
HRT due to a total hyst when I was 29 (severe endometriosis). Well, in a 
nutshell, he thinks I now have gall bladder problems to add to everything 
else! I am not overweight at all, have an excellent cholesterol reading (high 
good cholesterol, low bad), but there is a family history of gall bladder 
trouble and I am on oestrogen HRT, plus the bowel problems, so that increases 
the risk. I have to go for a scan, but he is certain there is a problem as 
all my symptoms (nausea, espec after eating, odd bowel disturbances, not 
IB/colitis type, and pain and tenderness on exam under right ribs) point to 
it. Also, he said he could actually feel my GB was inflamed! I have to wait 
6wks for a scan then I don't know how long to see someone depending on the 
results then who knows how long for any surgery needed.

So that's it for now. I will report back whenever I get to see this guy 
(forgot his name but he is based at Lancaster and Kendal hospitals. Thanks 
again for all the help.
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