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[IPk] What my doctor said when I asked about the pump

Hello everyone

You might recall that my daughter (Danielle) is hopefully going to have a 
trial on the pump soon and that I am diabetic as well.  Well, I had my usual 
clinic appointment today and requested that I see the main consultant rather 
than her understudies.  I have had a miscarriage since she last saw me so she 
must have thought that was why I was down to specifically see her.  She asked 
me if I have got over it and I said "Oh yes, I haven't let it get to me 
because I have to stay in control for my diabetic child" and she quite 
agreed.  She asked me how I have been keeping, etc and I showed her my 
results (which are usually very good) and she was quite happy with them.  I 
said "There's something I want to put to you but I don't know how you will 
take it" and went on to say "I want to go on the pump and wondered if you 
would still be prepared to see me at the clinic because I would have full 
support from the pump suppliers and their nurse".  She asked "What do you 
think the pump can do for you?".

I said "Well, I have been taking injections for 28 years and it would give me 
a break, better quality of life, better HBA1c results, control of my weight 
and not have to keep watching the clock for mealtimes because of the insulin 
on board that is waiting to be fed" and she opened my file at my HBA1c result 
from last time and said "Well your result last time was 6.6 so you can't get 
better than that and what makes you think you can control your weight?" so I 
said "Well because the insulin won't be hanging around all day and I will 
just be taking fast-acting as and when I need it" so she said "No, the pump's 
way of administering the insulin will still put weight on you".  I said 
"Anyway, my daughter is going on the pump and we would be better off pumping 
together and helping each other".  She said "I hope you find it as rosy as 
you think it's going to be".  I said "I will and I will prove it next time I 
see you".

She said "Well, I will write a letter to Royal Liverpool Hospital and get you 
seen over there and then I will still see you at my clinic for the usual 
check-ups but we will not be going to any meetings or going on any courses 
because it would be a waste of time when we are not likely to be having any 
patients on the pump".

I had my blood pressure checked and she gave me a card for another HBA1c in 
October and off I went.

Is this the norm?

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