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Re: [IPk] My first enquiry

Hi Karen
> They have lots of pumpers at that hospital. They are happy to support
> pumpers as far as they can. BUT all the current pumpers have paid for their
> own pumps AND are paying for their own consumables.

Well it's a good start that at least they are happy to support pumpers. 
That's the first (and often biggest) hurdle overcome.

> I said that I had expected to pay for my own pump, but that I was going to
> try and get funding for consumables. I was told that the only circumstances
> in which funding is given for pump consumables in my area is where the
> patient has very bad control - very high hba1cs, and hospital admissions on
> a roughly monthly basis. She admitted that they know that pumps improve
> your control, but the health authority will only fund you if you really
> need this because you are ill. If you already have good control, and just
> want to improve even further or have a better quality of life, that is
> viewed as your own choice and nothing that they need to help you with.
> Has anyone met this sort of response before? Is it one that can be
> combatted - is it still worth me writing to the health authority re:
> consumables once I have a pump?

Yes, it's not unusual to meet this kind of attitude. I would say you have 
nothing to lose by writing to the health authority anyway - do it now, before 
you even get the pump. The best thing is if you can get your consultant on 
your side and get him/her to write to the health authority. It's worth 
pestering them anyway.

> also - I am working on the assumption that the pump costs about 1,000
> pounds, will last for about 3 years, and that I will use about 1,000 pounds
> worth of consumables per year. Is this accurate?

I don't have the exact figures, but I think it's more in the region of 2000 
pounds for the pump. However, it's likely to last  a lot longer than 3 years 
- you may need to send it in for an MOT but it should service you a lot 
longer than 3 years. I think the cost of consumables varies between 800 - 
1500 pounds a year, depending on which sets you use, how often you change 
them, etc. Consumables usually covers batteries (though not in Ireland for 
some reason), infusion sets, and reservoirs, but doesn't include insulin, 
pump accessories (like cases, belt clips etc) or any kind of alcohol swabs 
etc. you might use.

> Lastly - is insulin itself included in consumables? Or do I get that on
> prescription even though I'm using a pump?

No, you still get your insulin on prescription as usual. It's the same stuff 
after all  - what you do with it is your business!!

> Sorry about the question overload - this is the first real step I've taken
> to getting a pump so I'm rather on edge :)

Ask away as many questions as you want - that's what we're here for.
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