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[IPk] paediatrician

So An HbA1c below 5 is too low. 7.2 is better. ???!!!. Despite the fact that
she was having seizures at a higher level?
Does this guy have any knowledge of DM at all??
You mentioned other kids at the clinic who are denied sweet things at any
time. are these the same kids who have high A1cs, who wouldn't and aren't
encouraged to check BG regularly and wouldn't accept or aren't encouraged to
have more injections when more = better control?
Sounds like they are being made prisoners within their own bodies. In a way
they are being punnished by not having encouragement to optimize control, have
more flexibility with food etc
This also shows the extent of denial among some of the profession, telling
people to avoid sweets and everything will be ok, no need to carb count etc

Outdated knowledge and attitudes!!!

Some one needs to tell these kids that injections, BG tests are nothing
compared to other diabetres issues with which they will have to contend

You have to be congratulated on acheiving such fantastic glycaemic control
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