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Re: [IPk] failure? What failure?

Hi Tony,

As for pump failure, I have had 2 weird incidents (not consecutive, weirdly 
enough!) in which my MiniMed 507C has not warned me when the battery level 
was low, so that the pump did essentially switch off without warning. 
Granted, they could be called 'battery issues', but the pump, not the 
batteries, did not work properly.

The first time my warning did not go off, I was 'sure' I had some extra 
batteries stored away and I didn't. I had a weird night of taking tiny 
injections of Humalog to keep things under control until the shops opened 
the next day. The second time the warning did not kick in, I had extra 
batteries with me and got the situation sorted immediately. Moral of the 
cautionary tale: keep several spare batteries in an easily accessible place!

I would send the pump in for service, but I don't want to be without it. I 
had a MiniMed 506 for about 3 years before I got my current pump and the 
warnings always worked; in almost 6 years of pumping, I really can't moan 
too much about 2 weird incidents. (I have talked to MiniMed service reps and 
they've said it's a weird thing my pump's been doing, but as batteries fix 
it I figure I might as well just have extra batteries on hand at all times 
like a responsible pumper....)

IDDM 8 years; MiniMed pumper 5+ years

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