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Re: [IPk] I've started the ball rolling!


I feel so sorry for you.  Listen, I do not do everything by the book either 
because I have grown up with it in my family and seen all the changes that 
come about and how they tell you to do one thing and then a few years later 
they say that you shouldn't be doing that any more.  I know they try their 
best, but how many of them are actually diabetic and know how it feels?  
Anyway, we use our hospital as a guide but we do things a bit different at 
home (not too much, just in case some people start firing back at me).

Jackie, if I was you I would ring the next nearest hospital to you and ask 
them if they would be interested in taking on a patient who was on a pump.  
When I spoke to Minimed they said that their sales had increased 280% in the 
last few months because it is really taking off now over in the UK.  The 
thing is, your pancreas only delivers quick-acting insulin and that is what 
the pump does.  You have no long-acting insulin hanging around in the 
background so there is less chance of a hypo.  You actually treat the food 
you eat with the quick-acting insulin as you eat it so you can eat when you 
want and you can miss meals if you want, lie in if you want and exercise is 
easier to deal with.

Why don't you ask your doctor if he would still look after Sasha's HBA1c and 
weight for the time being and let you go for the pump with the back-up of the 
pump supplier and if he is not happy with her results, move hospitals.  I am 
sure he will not refuse.  The nurse that visits regarding the pump makes an 
appointment with you and your hospital so that you all learn at the same 
time.  Sometimes it is hard to get all of you available on the same day and 
that can cause the delay in starting on the pump.  However, if you explain to 
your doctor that the specialist nurse from (wherever you decide to get your 
trial pump from) will come to the hospital and go through it all, they are 
bound to accept.  After all, if you make the appointment coincide with your 
child's next appointment at the hospital, the nurse could go along with you.

I will definitely keep you informed of what is happening.  Knowing my luck, I 
will pay for the device and then it will be funded in my area!

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