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Re: [IPk] Re: differences between pumps

Nanette you might want to check out the website listed below for a comparison 
of all the insulin pumps currently in use:

I use the Disetronic H-tron plus (the older but still available model) and 
indeed it delivers the basal rate at three (3) minute intervals. Some of my 
hourly basal rates are as low as 0.3 units and it delivers those minute doses 
to my complete satisfaction. 
I do not know where you live, but the pre-filled cartridges are not currently 
available in the US and may never be. Seems to be hung up in our Food and 
Drug administration awaiting their approval. Seems strange since Novolog 
recently teamed up and built and are currently marketing a combination BG 
meter and insulin pen and pre-fills for that device have been available since 
day one. I know this for sure as my 15 year old grand daughter uses one. 
I hope the website will help in making y
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