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Re: [IPk] Fwd: Which pump should I buy?

I'm on the Disetronic HTRON+ V100

The one I have it quite cool, iMac style, see through blue.

I was shown how to use my pump by a specialist nurse in sweden.

I tried two types on infusion set, the er... "classic" and the tender, the classic one I think, goes straight in 90 deg. to the skin. it's like a pen needle. I'm quite active and I didn't like the idea of it let alone the actual thing. It's *VERY* easy to put in tho. I found it much more difficult getting it out. I only tried a few of the Classics.

THe Tender, i ONLY use these, a long(ish) needle threads a telfon canula into fatty tissue at about 45 - 30 degrees. I must admit, i never used to inject with the pen or syringes into my tummy because it hurts on me quite a lot.
I still find it hurts a lot, and i lose my patience and get frustrated with it, i hate putting it it, it takes me about 2-3 mins to push it in. but then again i'm a wimp.
But i persevere because I feel brilliant on the pump.

I carry the pump with me all the time on a belt clip. I don't usually make any effort to hide it. most people think it's a walkman/phone/pager.
If people really want to know what it is they ask. No one has been negative about it. most people think it's just another diabetes "gadget", they don't realise what a difference it makes to me.

I've done martial arts, snow boarding, running, climbing ... etc wearing the pump. i haven't been stupid enough to damage it yet, aslong as I take care and protect the pump with padding, it's fine. 

Some times the canula can be uncomfortable, but u can just change it. 

My pump does not have ready filled carts for NovoRapid. But it's easy to fill them.
You have to get special disetronic batteries for my pump.

As far as basal rate go mine has one, + square wave ... i think mine is quite a limited pump as far as features and functions go.
I've never tried any MiniMed pumps, but I think I'd go for a Disetronic DTRON if I was going to get another pump.

hope this help, liam

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On 28/05/2002 at 06:02 Pat Reynolds wrote:

>In message <email @ redacted>, email @ redacted writes
>>I would love people to let me know briefly their experiences and which
>>they are on.
>Both pumps (I think) take the same infusion sets, so they hurt the same.
>How they hurt: rather differently to injections!  Occasionally there is
>a bit of pain, because the cannula (in me) is a bit deep - usually
>occurs when holding onto the set securely while pulling the needle out,
>and thereby at the same time pushing the needle deeper in.
>Then it sometimes feels a little uncomfortable for 2 to 20 minutes.  On
>a few occasions, the uncomfortable feeling has persisted, and I have
>discovered that the canula is bent.
>The only two differences that I know are: the disetronic takes prefilled
>cartridges, the minimed doesn't.
>And the way they offer you different basal rates differs:
>with the minimed, you get three, completely different if you want them.
>with the diestronic, you only get one, but you vary it up or down by
>You may not even know what kind of basal rate your daughter has normally
>at the moment, so if you know whether, with a cold she needs just, say,
>20% more basal, at all times - or whether her day-time basal needs
>remain the same, but night-time needs go up by 40%.
>Hope this helps,
>dm 30+, 508 1+, realised she should have had a disetronic 6 months ago.
>Pat Reynolds
>email @ redacted
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