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Re: [IPk] Re: differences between pumps

Hi Nanette

You are right, the Disetronic delivers tiny pulses of insulin every three
minutes and this can be anything from 0.1 of a unit, divided over the hour,
and upwards.  This is because the motor in the Disetronic pump is different
to that of the Medtronic pumps, it's what's called a DC motor and I believe
Medtronic will switch over to a DC motor with the launch of their next pump.

I hope this helps

Kind regards


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From: Nanette Chana Freedman <email @ redacted>
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Date: 28 May 2002 11:56
Subject: [IPk] Re: differences between pumps

>>I would love people to let me know briefly their experiences and which
>>they are on.
>>The only two differences that I know are: the disetronic takes
>>cartridges, the minimed doesn't.
>>And the way they offer you different basal rates differs:
>>with the minimed, you get three, completely different if you want
>>with the diestronic, you only get one, but you vary it up or down by
>I believe there is also a difference in the way the basal rate is
>delivered.  Disetronic divides the hourly basal rate to give you a
>small pulse every 3 (or is it 5??? someone correct me please) minutes,
>whereas Minimed delivers the hourly basal rate in fewer more distantly
>spaced pulses - I think there is some minimum amount (0.1 unit??) in
>each pulse - again maybe someone could fill in the exact details.
>While other factors (particularly local support) determined my choice
>of a Disetronic at the time, it seems to me that for people who have a
>low basal rate (0.4 units an hour or less) much of the time, there may
>be an advantage in the smaller more frequent pulses of Disetronic - it
>also means that if you disconnect briefly e.g. to take a shower, then
>you don't have to pay much attention since you are unlikely to miss
>more than a very small portion of that hours' basal rate.
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